My A to Z Project

Want to learn more about me? Check out my A to Z Project.

Reflection on this assignment:

Before I started this Google Slides Project, I was fairly familiar with Slides as our school uses various parts of the Google suite in our classes. While I’ve helped students created Slides before, this was actually the first time that I’ve made my own Google Slides presentation. It was really quite fun. I enjoyed playing with backgrounds, sizes, placing photos, and just plain being creative. I don’t get to do that very often.

Over the last couple years, the options provided by Google have gotten so much better than when it first started. I remember initially thinking a few years back that Microsoft PowerPoint had so much more to offer than Google Slides. Through this project, I can see how it has grown in the various capacities (adding backgrounds, new themes, images, transitions, etc.)  I could also see however, that this was a good way for the students to easily create and share with me their projects. As a special education teacher I want to keep an eye on what my students are actually doing if I can’t be in the classroom with them. I also can use information for determining progress on their IEP goals.  The Google platform lets me easily do this as I can be in my classroom, or on an iPad walking through the room, providing feedback while they are working.

I probably ought to really consider using Google Slides more with my classes, especially my social studies and my science classes. I tend to do a lot of paper projects, mostly because once my middle school SPED kids get on a computer, they have a tendency to “forget” their password or type it “wrong” multiple times, spend way too much time Googling for just the right picture, get in trouble by typing things they shouldn’t be typing, or just plain dilly-dallying and not completing things in a timely manner.  I’ve also noticed that with most of my special kids, it’s way too easy to copy and paste and not really understand what they’re copying/pasting.  All assignments involving technology must be able to be completed at school as well, as several of my students do not have internet access at home.  I’m all for using technology, but sometimes, old fashioned technology like colored pencils and Sharpies work well.

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