The End (or is it?)

So here I am. Finalizing my work in the SMU Master’s of Education Program. I am at the end. I have taken classes for the last year and a half.  Writing papers. Creating units. Writing lessons. Evaluating my classroom. Reflecting on my instruction. And seeing what I could do to make it better in my classroom for my students. Because that’s what it’s really boiled down to. Making myself better for my students.

So is this really the end?

No. I see this as only a resting place. A way point along my journey as an educator. A milestone that lets me know I’ve hit the next big point on my trip. I didn’t reach the end because I’m still learning. I’m still growing. I’m still teaching.

And from my Violet Vantage Point, that’s a pretty exciting place to be.

st mary

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