One of Those Kids…

Do you have one of those kids in your room? Let me be more specific. One of those kids that drive you crazy, but you absolutely love them anyway?

X is one of those boys in my room this year. He is hyper, impulsive, can’t stop talking, has a rough life, loves to read, hates math, will talk to anyone willing to listen, wanders, always wants a drink (an avoidance tactic), is falling behind, can’t control himself (especially in the afternoon), seeks attention, forgets things in his locker, talks incessantly, is loud, makes weird noises, totally destroys pencils in a few minutes, and did I mention talks a lot? He’s not being annoying on purpose. He just is. And it doesn’t seem to matter what I do. He’s just a patience trier. As in, he really tries your patience. It’s a wonder I still have hair. My para says hers is going gray…and she’s quite a bit younger than I am.

But yet these are the kids who need us the most. These are the kids who come to school even though they “hate” the work because they long for the structure, the consistency, and even the love they get from the staff. They know that my room is safe. That I will listen. That I will handle their emotions that they can’t seem to deal with themselves. That I will not hold these things against them, but still look at them as something of worth.

Yeah, my room has a few challenging students.  But from my Violet Vantage Point, I feel blessed to be able to be possibly one of the only stable people in their life. Exhausted some days, but most definitely blessed.

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