It’s Getting Real

Yep. It’s getting real.  I went to school yesterday to do some prep work only to find that my para had decorated the door with our names and our students’ names for the year, did my bulletin board in the classroom, did the bulletin board outside my door AND created a welcome back wall. It’s getting real, folks.

Also, I only have 2 more classes and my portfolio presentation to do and this Master’s program will be complete. Yep. It’s getting real.

I’m getting excited for the start of the new school year. It’s fun being both a student and a teacher. A bit daunting as well, if I’m to be honest. I still have so much that I want to get done before school starts. I probably won’t get 1/3 of what I want to do done. And I’m going to have to be ok with it. Because soon, it won’t just be getting real. It WILL be real.

And when things start getting real, well, from my Violet Vantage Point, it’s game time!


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