Moving Right Along

So there’s a lot of movement in my life right now. Like major movement. And there’s lots of movement coming up in my life, too. Moving means change. Which can be scary. But it can also be exciting.

One of my major movements has been postponed.  I don’t have to move my classroom yet. Yet. But it’s coming. In theory, I’ll move next summer. But I’ve been warned it could happen in the middle of the school year. I also still don’t know where they’re going to try to put my classroom of special education students. Scary. Exciting.

I am also, like today, going to be moving from my country house to my town house (don’t let that term “town house” make you think I’m rich…it’s really just a small house in town). There’s a lot to do. And I’m not done packing (so it makes total sense that I’m writing this right now, right? Nothing like just a few more minutes of procrastination). The house needs cleaning, repairs, etc. Ok. Both houses do.  This will be a new place for my kids, as the home we live in now is the only home they know. Scary. Exciting.

Then there are the mental movements: things I’m still wrapping my brain around and trying to find the best way to do it. Like telling my youngest two that I’m getting divorced. Like trying to find a good lawyer to help with that.  Like struggling with the best way to help my ADHD boy without losing more of my hair.  Like analyzing friendships and relationships. Like finding a balance between needing to work in the summer, master’s class homework, moving, and being a good mom. Like figuring out when my kids can spend time with their grandparents (this was soooo much easier 5 years ago, even with 5 kids instead of 3). Like losing my train of thought because I have too much going on. Scary. Exciting.

Yet I know that it will all come together. Eventually. Which in itself is scary & exciting.

And from my Violet Vantage Point, scary and exciting can stretch and grow me as a person. And that’s a good thing.

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