Walking in the Rain


Sometimes you have to walk in the rain in order to get anywhere. Sometimes the rain is a tiny drizzle or a warm gentle summer rain. Other times it is more like a downpour that creates road washouts, or even a violent hurricane that leaves you wondering if you’re coming or going. Regardless, each rain in our lives has something to teach us and gives us something to appreciate.

Tiny drizzle: It’s a little spit in the face that may seem annoying, but freshens up the earth. A reminder that we all need a little pick me up sometimes.

A warm summer rain: It’s a season of refreshment. A chance to enjoy what life is giving you. An opportunity to prepare for the future as the rain soaks the ground with its life-giving water. A reminder to take time for yourself.

Torrential downpour: It’s a time when you are overwhelmed with life and it feels like life has been kicked out from underneath you, literally and figuratively and that it’s never going to stop. Especially when storm after storm repeatedly hits and you can’t catch your breath. It’s a chance to look for other roads to travel that might give you more to see and experience.  A reminder that we should always have a plan B, but also that it’s ok if you don’t and have to do things spontaneously.

Violent hurricane: It’s a huge slap in the face, kick in the pants, and throw you down on the floor in a pile while life whips around you and crashes in.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on what you hold important. A reminder to have an anchor to ground you and hold you steady and secure.

How you deal with each type of rain will determine what your life is going to look like after the rain ends. Will you not make use of the gentle rain? Will you freak out in the hurricane? Will you grow in your maturity and ability to handle adverse situations? All rain can have a good outcome. Maybe not right away. It might be hard to envision any good coming out of flooding due to too much rain in too short of a time period. But it’s there. Trust me. You just have to look.

And from my Violet Vantage Point, I choose to walk in the rain with a joyful attitude (and bare feet).

walk in the rain

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