Summertime (But the Living Ain’t Easy)

It’s summer. School’s out. Time to take it easy. Right?

Yeah, no.

I’ve started my summer job and have worked a couple auctions already. My summer boss has made me the lead on another major auction. I’m teaching remedial summer school to one of my SPED students who decided it would be easier to not do any work because he “was going to graduate 8th grade anyway”.  Surprise! While he might have a nice piece of red laminated paper with his picture on it, he failed all four core classes for the semester. I have Wisconsin state Miss Czech-Slovak pageant coming up in which I have a current state queen, a queen candidate, a royal court candidate, and a little sister to get ready. My family needs to practice singing for a performance on stage Saturday, along with learning the Czech & Slovak anthems (in their native languages) for Friday’s Lidice Memorial Service. I’m trying to paint, clean, and repair my home so I can have it ready to put on the market by the end of the week. I’m planning on moving at the end of the month. I need to find a good lawyer. Oh, and let’s see. I’m taking two Master’s classes.

Call me crazy. Because I am.

Definitely summertime, but the living is definitely not easy.  Busy, yes. So how do I make it easier? I make use of YouTube videos to help me learn Czech & Slovak. I go to bed earlier. I get a vegetable food share from a local farm so I don’t have to tend a garden. I do a few things just for myself, just to rejuvenate so I can continue to be the best me I can be. Because I’m not very personable when I’m crabby.

And from my violet vantage point, summertime is good time. Let’s enjoy it.

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