At times, it’s hard to do this.

Do what?

Life. Being a mom. Being a teacher. Being a student. Work a second job to make ends meet. Make appointments. Keep appointments.  Wash clothes. Dry clothes.  Fold & put away clothes.  Make food to eat.  Wash dishes. Try to do homework.  Try to get my kids to do homework.  Grade homework…and still have a little time left to be me.

Sometimes, it’s a bit overwhelming. Know what I mean? It’s a good thing I like what I do. That’s kind of what it boils down to. Enjoying what you do. I love being a mom. I love being a teacher. Both drive me utterly at times. Both also make me wonder at times what in the world God was thinking when He blessed me with this. I have days that make me smile and make me really enjoy being a mom (like this afternoon…coming home from school to find my girls from college home and laughing with their sister).  Other days have me crying (like when my son, well…, I’m not going there at the moment). I have days that make me really proud to be a special ed middle school teacher (like when something finally “clicks”) and then I have moments when I just want to go home and go to bed because I’m soooo tired from chasing down and holding–literally–a student…all day.

But I love it. Being a mom and a teacher is part of who I am.  Add to that being a student and my life is full.  And frankly, quite chaotic at times.

But from my violet vantage point, there’s no where else I would rather be.

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