Playing with Words

As a mom, a teacher, a friend, and a human, I’m always playing with words. Usually, though, I’m trying to choose the right words so that my children and students understand clearly what I am trying to say. Sometimes I throw in a “huge” word, just to see if my students are actually listening to what I’m saying (yep…an opportunity to increase their vocabulary). Sometimes, I just bite my tongue to keep the words I really want to say from coming out and making a situation worse. Or just to keep from making a situation.

But tonight, I played with words. I made a word cloud. My very first one (aren’t you proud of me?). Believe it or not, I’ve seen word clouds, but never made one. Kind of surprising, isn’t it? This word cloud gives a little insight into my life. wordcloud1


You’ll see some of what makes me, me. My life in a few simple words. My life isn’t always pretty. In fact, it’s downright messy and ugly at times. You can’t even begin to tell just from the few words up above. That’s the thing about words. That’s all they are. They don’t have to define me. If I had made this word cloud five years ago, it would have looked totally different. Chances are if I made a new word cloud about me five years from now, it will change again. I hope so.

Because from my violet vantage point, I see a bright future ahead. Whatever that cloud of words looks like.

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